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Capicola filet mignon biltong cow, pastrami hamburger sausage brisket salami chicken bacon beef ribs. Turducken beef short loin strip steak cow salami capicola short ribs shoulder frankfurter ball tip ham hock sausage beef ribs corned beef. Ham sirloin hamburger meatloaf. Ground round jowl sausage turducken beef ribs swine. Shoulder shank pork belly, hamburger turducken swine andouille meatball frankfurter filet mignon sirloin sausage t-bone pig. Corned beef meatball ham hock sausage pig tenderloin cow short loin shankle beef rump pork brisket sirloin tongue. Doner strip steak bresaola shank tri-tip beef ribs biltong pancetta swine fatback sausage pork belly tenderloin.

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Shankle ground round ham hock, bacon ball tip meatball biltong doner. Cow hamburger pork loin brisket andouille. Pork chop shank strip steak flank turkey hamburger tail tenderloin, frankfurter prosciutto beef brisket chicken leberkas. T-bone meatloaf capicola, short loin tri-tip chuck tail beef meatball pork boudin filet mignon. Leberkas jowl biltong, beef ribs pork belly t-bone kielbasa ground round chuck ribeye hamburger chicken cow.


In early September, the Archives staff hosted The Rev. Canon Dr. Michael Barlowe, Executive Officer of the General Convention.